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meditaton& mantra

MEDITATION & MANTRA is Yvette’s newest release with meditations, conversation & many new chants to chant along to. These original 9 tracks are compiled from her journaling mantra book Playbook for Muse-ical Meditation & Mantra.


From a Ganesha 'Pulse' freeing Meditation, to a Maha Mantra recorded by and featuring chant artist Gaura Vani,  to a Shiva Walking Meditation, to heart sweeping chants dancing in the nectar of Grace, Consciousness and Bliss, closing with 18 Auspicious OMs.


All tracks were recorded and mastered by Matt Weber at Gradwell House Studios in New Jersey (except for Track 4 with Gaura Vani). 

Image by Kseniya Lapteva

We Are One


WE ARE ONE embraces Yvette’s deeply reflective English lyric with vast meditational landscape; infusing the theatrical with devotional Sanskrit Mantra.


From the up beat Merge Heaven and Earth featuring celebrated chant artist Girish, to the mystical We are Whole/Purnam, Yvette’s beautifully haunting vocals set us on a journey of self exploration and wonder, rooted in popular melody with grass roots harmonies and soft beat Jazz.


In The Other Side/Gate Gate Yvette’s call for the dramatic turns the sorrow of loss into an uplifting Buddhist truth, while the title song WE ARE ONE completes this 9 piece 60 minute compilation with the renowned Philadelphia Boys Choir lullabying listeners with an angelic Om Shanti into an ecstatic peace.


WE ARE ONE is co-produced with Grammy Nominated Ben Leinbach.

Image by Bekky Bekks

Into the
Arms of Love


Into the Arms of Love offers an extraordinary blend of traditional Eastern music with Western popular melody. This CD debut features singer, songwriter, kirtan artist Yvette whose unique style of releasing heart opening vocal harmonies spiral energy to new heights. Yvette’s mesmerizing presence and angelic voice open channels to Divine healing. Both introspective and uplifting, this 10 track compilation lends itself to an inner chakra meditative journey and an inspiring asana yoga practice. From the chilling Ganesha, to the heart opening Hey Ma Durga to the harmonic Sat Nam, this collection exhales into a savasana-deep and expansive OM. Into the Arms of Love gracefully interweaves original English lyrics with timeless Sanskrit mantras, freeing the mind, body, spirit and soul.

Image by Thiébaud Faix

The Song
of Breath


Co-produced with the masterful Ben Leinbach (Deva Premal, Jai Uttal), Yvette’s new concept album The Song Of Breath invites the listener deep into the heart of our most loyal and divine breath. This eternally bound 52 minute CD serenades one of the most popular and sung of Hindu prayers, The Hanuman Chalisa. Beginning with Invocation and Birth of Breath, Yvette’s lusciously hypnotic vocals soar beyond the mind to the energetic life force breathing within. With his authentic Indian esraj, the gifted Benjy Wertheimer sets a meditative zone. The vocal prowess of Girish breezes in as Breath of Life flavors with a cool, jazz feel and some modern grooves. Breath of Life peaks a vocal celebration of harmony as Yvette and Girish duet to the top of the Himalayas where Hanuman fortuitously returns the Lover to the Beloved.  With flowing keyboard and love-infused viola, Yvette offers up the last trinity of the Chalisa in prayer. Breath of Transition respires a solo journey where a life’s memory of inhales are released and the final exhale is returned to its waiting Source. The Song of Breath includes an 8 page insert with Yvette’s reflections on the nature of Breath.

Image by Andrea Ferrario



Co-produced with the legendary Ben Leinbach, DIVINE is a collection of songs to mirror our awakening. Through poignant lyric melting into ancient Sanskrit mantra, the music ebbs and flows lending a symphony of heart rendering and pulsating beauty. From the soft reggae vibing Always Love to the soundscaping Heart Sutra to the mesmerizing Buddhist Om Mani Padme Hum.

In Sri Ram Trilogy Parts 1, 2 & 3 sweet blues builds to an emphatic rock chant rendition of the popular cover tune Get Together. Yvette’s new compilation of voice and color closes with a homegrown solo piano playing Divine.

Deep gratitude to fellow artists Girish, Brenda McMorrow, Mira, Wynne Paris and Christopher Pecoraro for lending their sweet vocals.

“There is a DIVINE truth. All others a variation of texture, expression, frequency, light, shadow and re-birth. Once outspoken… the next hidden as if never intended to be known. The secret is out.”

Image by Andy Holmes



From the contemplative Always Love with its drone like harmonium, to a new rendition of Jai Ma Durgas with a bluesy hometown rocking MA transitioning into jazz simulating We Are Divinely Inspired, this album is a tribute to the Mother of the Universe. From The much loved ballad I Am Sat Nam now with a band of singers to sweeten the message, to the soul deepening mantra Om Namo Bhagavate which in this recording lends a more traditional Kirtan tone. In closing a prayerful and expansive solo Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu with myself on vocals and the harmonic harmonium drone. This Sanskrit mantra calls to Universal Peace and the track I hope stirs an inner feeling stillness.

Auspiciously recorded one harvest full moon evening at Gradwell House Studios in Haddon Heights, New Jersey, this album MA was engineered by Dave Downham and Matt Weber with a full band of musicians and chanters: Jon Dichter on lead guitar; Shawn Hennessey on percussion; Taylor Jamison on bass; Bill Nixon on violin; Marianne Sutin on bansuri; Randy Sutin on vibes and myself on acoustic guitar and harmonium. Our band of chanters: Mira, Anjani Bellamy, Julie Fischer, Alan Fitts Marthe O’Donnell, Martin Orimenko, Christopher Pecoraro, Renee Trailes, William Stauffer and Elizabeth Venart. The cool vibes were added in a few days after the session as the studio could not hold one more musician.

This just under one hour album is a compilation of our favorite Kirtan songs along with new tracks recorded with the same full-hearted spirit that is found in a live concert. Many listeners have asked me to make this CD so they can leave the concert, plug in the music and still be there! 

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