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This hands on sensorial chanting and journaling book is designed specifically for you!  Whether a music and mantra lover, a morning meditator, a color doodler and/or a covert writer this original Playbook will meet you right where you are. 


Are you open to embracing those parts of yourself that you like?  What about dishing up those less attractive tendencies and drawing them closer into view? There is such value when we expedite our truth. This Playbook for Muse-ical Meditation & Mantra provides multi formatted learning and healing techniques, many of which have been around for centuries, to enlighten the whole of our personal story with imagery, self- inquiry and play. 


Navigate through the 19 chapters, while enjoying a free musical download from one of Yvette Om’s collection of recorded chants written both in English, as well as borrowing from the timeless Sanskrit mantras of the spiritual East. Explore how these mantras relate to your own authentic wisdom. 


Co-created with Julie Fischer with illustrations by Joanne Fink of Zenspirations, get ready to rediscover your inner child; to cavort, to plunge and to flourish.

Image by Artiom Vallat


From a tiny seed, an idea that my co-creator Julie Fischer had to compile this unique ‘playbook’ of chants, to this 124 pages of self exploration & creativity... my life once again affirms the mystery and magic inherent when we nurture something new and unknown through to its full manifestation. Isn’t this what birthing is all about? While in morning meditation I ask myself again...“ Who is actually birthing here?”

Sitting in a boxed room with open window or lounging on a white sanded beach while on tour in Florida, Julie and I would listen to one of my chants for a few moments and then from this meditative space I would speak about it. We recorded these words and Julie be- gan framing them into a journal type format.

As all seeds are designed to germinate, we were blessed to connect with Zenspirations Jo- anne Fink, a dynamo spiritual seeker and artist who I had previously known in high school. Though Joanne was a year ahead of me, we were passing fellow school mates. In passing no more, a sweet friendship now is born.

Joanne took us under her generous and capable wings and our book map began to fill with these breathtaking and deeply reflective images.

And so from ethereal sound, mantra and voice we merge the spiritual journey with journal- ing, coloring, imaging and play.

How so? Each chapter includes an audio download from one of my 5 albums: Into the Arms of Love, The Song of Breath, We Are One, Divine and Ma, along with some new tracks recorded specifically for the Playbook.

We may each be unique in our approach to this playbook. Some of us are generally more tactile, others primarily visual while some dance to mantra and sound. In celebration of our uniqueness, below are a few suggestions:

  • You can listen to each track from your device or computer and chant along.

  • You can chant along and then read the pages, answering questions and taking

    meditations both designed to move and self inquire.

  • You can chant along while coloring in the various black and white images. 

  • You can open into the chapter, answer the questions, and maybe have your own verbal download. Then when your moment is empty and full, you can listen and chant along to the audio recording.


At the beginning of each chapter, you will read a brief description of the specific chant that is to be expressed. These chants are mantras that have been universally sung and meditated on by spiritual seekers for centuries. A mantra is a repeated word or a phrase that holds a sacred vibration.

You will find these chants are written in Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages born from the mystical East as a means to express the language of God or Truth. We each have our own form and name for that which we connect to on a higher plane. It is said that by chanting these Sanskrit mantras, the primordial vibrations inherent can direct us to that personal calling where love and peace eternally reside, side by side.

For those who enjoy following the lyrics to the chants, they are included at the end of each chapter.

There are so many ways to explore, enter in, nurture, experiment, fall and grow!

It is my and Julie’s intention that this seed serves to nurture all that you are, ever have been, always will be... and that you are more inspired to infuse our shared world with your flowering fertile essence and brilliance! 

Birth away! Together! Let’s Play!

Love Always, Yvette



CLARITY ~ Just For Today Journal is a book co-authored with Julie Fischer that provides inspiring and meditative prompts to help connect us to our inner self and gain clarity in our lives.

This daily diary is structured around the concept of “Just for Today", encouraging us to focus on the present moment and to manifest intentions for the day ahead. Designed to be open-ended, Clarity ~ Just for Today Journal invites free flow of thought and emotion within a safe and supportive space. 


Some of the prompts in the book include "What am I grateful for today?", "What do I need to let go of?", "What is my heart calling me to do?". Accompanied with illustrations by Christopher Pecoraro, the visual message is discernibly voiced to relax and enjoy the journey of self-discovery.

CLARITY ~ Just For Today Journal is a tool for anyone looking to deepen self awareness and to develop a more intimate relationship with what matters most. Whether new to journaling or an experienced writer, this notebook will provide a supportive and heartening platform for you to explore your deepest desires and aspirations.

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