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Freedom 2022

Freedom is hearing the sound of your voice when there is no one there

Freedom is allowing the breeze to play in tangled hair

Freedom is that jolt of anticipation in the promise of a sunny day

Freedom is an unexpected visitor from an exotic place

Freedom is that relief when the false becomes true

And tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow is always new

Freedom is the end of sickness and the beginning of birth

Freedom is self-validating worth

Freedom is the final meeting in a timely death

Freedom is the breaking of the old habit chalice

Freedom is having domain over personal choices

Freedom is 5th dimensional cosmic space

Freedom has no color, shape, race or rule

Freedom does not lack for something interesting to do

Freedom is found in prisons, in books and in public parks

Freedom is that day off on the beach, in rivers and on hikes

Freedom is a mental state

No matter the price

Happy Freedom Day to you! 🌟💜🌟

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