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Nirvana ~


Unadorned, unadulterated

Forever changed now

As I steal a moment of letting things be

I used to dream that one day I would reach Nirvana

And then leave everything I love and know behind

Because this is the only way to go

That being Solo

Then never to come back

Not ever, no more

Finished with this school of struggle

But now I know that I can not leave

Without returning for all those that I love

Familiar faces that have touched and melted my heart

Personally charging and lifting my spirits up

And far away souls of brothers and sisters

Whose presence somehow I feel a comfort

even from a distance

Can I leave all these behind?

No, I will stay in the muck

I will grind in the confusion and the waiting

I will continue to pray for the hungry, the sick and the frightened

I will die another million ugly deaths

Until together we can all walk each other home ~

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