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Updated: Jul 12, 2023

What is it about music that lifts our spirits?

We all have this involuntary response to sound

Our bodies move in rhyme to the subtle frequencies before

our minds even know we are doing it

What is it about the song?

The song is born from the unwritten symphony

A melody is heard with linear intention

i.e. a beginning, a middle and ending

Coupled with words that carry a special vibration

or tell a human story

Like an instrument setting its own notes free

the song attunes us to that harmonic place within

Billowing as a whisper hovers along liquid ocean winds

Body, heart and mind softly co-conspire

to dance together again

And no matter how many sing the same song

the song touches us intimately

as if it were ours alone to behold

And when we enter this space of sound together

we are welcomed in with freedom

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