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The Body as Divinity

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

What is our relationship to our physical body?

How are we in relationship with it right now? Are we responding in a resistant way if it is not integrating with us on the rise to a more spiritual, more subtle state of Being? If all is Divine than is not the body and its denser make up also Divine? And if our body is Divine, can we be gentler, less demanding/critical... can we be more accepting and even forgiving in our judgements about how we might prefer our body to look like or behave for us? What happens when there are absolutely no more challenges/longings in this physical life? Then what? Are we not here to grow in Godliness? And how is that supposed to look like? ... Have we a definitive idea/decision as to how we will look and feel when purely Divine? Can we be gentler with ourselves, more forgiving and patient as we would to another person we care deeply for? The body is needy; this we know. It is the nature of the body to be needy. The body keeps us here on the physical earth plane. This we know. Are we now being asked by our physical body to reflect/alter our daily routine in some way? Instead of allowing the physical struggle/rebellion to drag us down/stalemate us we might try shifting awareness in acceptance/change and even Love/Integration? If all is Divine than integration takes its perfectly needed time. Who or what is the Divine teacher here?

And is the teacher timely?

Shri Guru Bhyo Namaha

I honor the teacher that points the soul home to liberation.

Shri Guru Bhyo Namaha

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