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The Story of the White Deer

Some time last March, my husband was meditating out behind our yard into an open field that had recently been cleared for future commercial construction. He came home bewildered by what he had seen. Two white deer passing through. He took a picture.

white deer sighting 3/2020

Tuned into animals and trusting in their symbology we googled the meaning of a 'white deer.'

We read that it could either be a positive boon from the Mother or a warning of death/destruction/transitioning/end of the world.

Our curiosity flamed, we reached out to our friend Julie, who had spent time with a shaman and asked her, hoping she would say it was a blessing of some kind. But she looked at us like “Oh- oh my… not a good sign."

And so it was to be.

The next week Covid hit around the globe. We attributed our sighting of the white deer as a foreshadowing, holding each other and our beloved world in a protective hug. We were well aware of the increasing fear/impending death hovering at every turn over the next months and following.

And in our own quiet and safe little home, things began to fall apart as well. I remember feeling so grateful that we had our home, that our daughters were back with us and safe, that we had access to clean food and I could meditate and chant for peace. But the white deer had more to say about our living situation and what was to be.

It began with five consecutive major roof leaks in our home. Trying to figure out what the problem was we broke three foot holes in the ceilings and walls. If you were to visit us, it looked like we had been hit hard.

Unable to get professional help due to Covid, we tried to fix the problem ourselves but to no avail. More buckets were placed everywhere with dripping water and wet towels on the ground.

Then my husband found out he had Lyme disease again (3rd time) most likely from his meditations right outside our grounds.

We discovered termites just outside our home and had to get help for that... just in time. We lost power during one of the reckless lightening windstorms.

We watched our two regal trees get struck by lightening one evening over dinner. After the awesome strike, we sadly witnessed their inevitable wind fall to the ground.

I know what you are thinking and no, you can’t make this stuff up!

In response, we would communally discuss the mother’s warning and the white deer.

Everything we knew to be safe and secure was breaking apart, breaking down.

And for the world, the Covid deaths, everything once so familiar now surreal as if submerged in a nightmare.

Yet we were awake, to know that there was a message, some real form of Grace. For we do not believe in a random, uncaring reality.

The mother has a reason. She is intelligent and knowing.

And now about a year later, we have sighted another white deer... coming home to: A major sewage breakdown.

Sewage in the basement. Sewage stench everywhere on the first night of Passover. No use of water, shower, flushing of toilets etc.

Preferable visits to local vendors for solid eliminations for almost a week (sorry).


We hear you Mother

No home is permanent

Everything must change

Change for the sake of our growth

Both collective and personal

A newfound perspective

Nurturing inner freedom at all costs

Self-reliability and simplicity of expression born

For family bonding infusion

Re-appreciation and respect for Mother Nature

Animal, Friend and Tree tending


More for the sake of A unified Tranformative Universal Re-committment Evolutionary upgrade

To fan the flame of LOVE ~

This painting is called ‘Messengers’. It is painted by our Christopher prior to the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts ASE Exhibitions 8/2020.

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