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A Fresh Perspective


as fleeting as a yawn A memory harboring emotion as if it were today A promise with limits sometimes chains attached So if you say, ‘Hey, what’s happening?’I will say, ‘Well this is what happened yesterday.’ What if I say, ‘What’s happening is right now with you’ Would we still be walking bodies of pain? Sadness cannot last just like happiness, it is not meant to But it sure feels like it is supposed to like it’s a characterisitc a personality trait What a trick! I follow the gaze of my eyes and see how it changes Whatever is in front of me… that is my new reality Then turn the head and watch how it disappears Look, now something different! No view exactly like the other even if in turning back to look again… something is not exactly the same Emotions can be experienced this way like a chain link in our DNA feeling them like they will never go away And then in the turning of our head letting it all Change ~

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