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Rain Song

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Drip Drop …

You are here in the sound

this morning

A tune in Bilawal Raag

or the major key of C

soundboarding off the rooftop

drumming rhythmically

Accompanied by tinny like

mezzo soprano trills

rebounding off the corner window

I have heard this song before

Once ever strong

The lyric familiar without word

A telepathic animal call

where water is the baptism

of the underground war cry

Its heartbeat

Dum Drum de Drum

Then as certain as deafening

A drop in cadence

falling from the grace portal

An opening

softer landing retard

without dissension

Drip out of drip drip drip

The decrescendo

of calming, clean,

empathic, patient, embracing

understanding, forgiveness

An invocation

for the primordial chasing

of a bloodless beginning ~

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