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Sense of Hearing ~

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

I have my ears on you

You can not vanquish

The inner child

She is beholden to no one

Lifting off from here to there

As in a day dream

She will not wait

Nor will she listen

Watch how

Her feet float above ground

Momentum herded

Racing along heath cracked moors

The speed in her step

Faster than her spine can catch up

Already squeezing around the bend

Past outdated scaffolding, pestle and mortar

Up to the heights of an ancient cliff

Barefoot and scarred

For she has fallen

Once too many and many more

Slipped down into the drowning pool

Swollen tongue and bruised eye

Her hearing none the less

Dauntlessly sound

Ear to soul

And soul to ear

She is bound

For weightlessness

Wingless and wild

Strumming to the song

Of storyless times

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